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Bob Halstead’s
Coral Sea Fish Guide

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(Designed for iPhone and iPad. Supports IOS versions 5.1 and above. iPhone 5 Enhanced.)


With more than 850 marine species featured and over 2000 high quality colour photographs, BOB HALSTEAD’S CORAL SEA FISH GUIDE provides the easiest and most interesting way for reef lovers, snorkelers and scuba divers to identify and learn about the diverse and amazing fish life of the CORAL SEA area – THE GREAT BARRIER REEF, PAPUA NEW GUINEA, SOLOMON ISLANDS, VANUATU, NEW CALEDONIA – and often beyond. For convenience, the guide also includes some common reptiles, mammals and mysterious invertebrates.
Simple navigation for both iPad and iPhone using images allows users to quickly browse different species whether you know what you are looking for, or need a name for the fish you have just seen. You can also search for species under their “Common”, Scientific” or “Group” name. Once loaded the app does not require an Internet connection so can be used on boats at sea.

You can add your own notes/logs for each species and create your own personal list of favourite marine animals, or animals seen on a dive, with the “My Reef” facility. Save, display and edit your list whenever you like. Distribution maps are provided with the opportunity to add to our knowledge by reporting your discoveries.
A Rogue’s Gallery provides images and references for unusual marine creatures that might otherwise be difficult to find.

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  • Over 850 species featured
  • More than 2000 professional colour photographs – zoom and view in full screen.
  • Detailed information for each species including; Common and Scientific Names, General Information, Identifying Features, Size, Depth and Distribution maps
  • Share species with friends via Facebook and Email
  • Browse species by Group, Sub-Group or Species
  • Search by Common, Scientific and Category names
  • ‘My Reef’ favourites list
  • Rogue’s Gallery of interesting and unusual creatures
  • All data stored locally on your device. No Internet connection required.
  • Easy navigation designed for both iPhone and iPad


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iPad (Landscape)

iPhone (Portrait)

iPhone (Landscape)

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