Sometimes I'm too busy to answer the phone 1973

The BEST way to contact Bob Halstead is by email.

Sometimes I'm too busy to answer the phone 2010









I do not like mobile phones – they do not work underwater so are of limited use to me … But now I have one. Call me at

0478 935975  and speak slowly and clearly please.

I have no intention of getting  a Facebook page, or of going on Twitter… OK I’m now on Facebook because of a sponsorship … Bob.Halstead.33

I do have a home telephone number, but try to limit its use as my hearing is a bit whacky and I often mis-hear, think you are trying to sell me something – and cause offense…

BUT I do check my emails regularly and respond promptly – and try to do this even when at sea. If you do not get a reply please re-send, but it could simply be impossible for me to respond as shipboard email is sometimes unavailable.

Please TEST email with a brief message before sending large files in case I am at sea on a limited download which will block them.

My email address    

If there are any Big Oil companies out there that would like to send me a huge cheque, my postal address is.

Bob Halstead, Unit 8, Half Moon Bay Terraces, 16 Ray Street, Yorkeys Knob, Qld 4878, Australia

Bob and Buddy, Bahamas 1968




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