May 272011

Friendly Green Turtle

Leigh with Giant Clam



Grey Reef Sharks at stern of Ocean Quest
I have had a couple of very interesting trips to Norman and Saxon Reefs out of Cairns on board the Deep Sea Divers Den boats Sea Quest and Ocean Quest. Sea Quest is the fast ferry and day boat and when out at the reef I transferred to the Ocean Quest which has accommodation and stays out at the reefs only moving between dive sites. So it is possible to do several days diving on the outer GBR without the hassle of daily commutes from Cairns. The outer GBR is in excellent condition and the marine life prolific and friendly. There are a multitude of turtles, reef fish including the iconic Harlequin Tuskfish and Napoleon Wrasse, and Giant Clams. But the unexpected thrill came from the healthy population of Grey Reef and Whitetip Sharks. In the evening the sharks come to the stern of the boat attracted by fish feeding on plankton and small fish pellets under the bright lights, and you can dive with them! We had first-time night divers swimming with sharks and they had a wonderful time. Of course at night there are also huge Giant Trevally hunting on the reef in the diver’s torch beam. It is a great dive. Many thanks to John Brown and the team at the Deep Sea Divers Den.

Shark under stern at night

Ocean Quest

Sea Quest

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