Jul 042011

Planking is what deranged people do to get attention – so I obviously qualify. The opportunity for a world record turned up while diving from the marvellous MV Golden Dawn with Captain Craig de Wit. Craig took the certifying image.

World Record Plank on Gun Turret of B17 Bomber Wreck

One of the many superb dives we did was on the B17 bomber wreck “Blackjack” at Cape Vogel. It is 46m to the sand bottom. I decided to plank the gun turret on top of the plane at 41m. So I am claiming the “World’s Deepest Plank onto a Gun Turret of a Sunken B17 Bomber Wreck.”

You might think this is silly but, hey, they said John Cleese was silly too in his iconic film on fish identification.

My technique may not be the best – I could have straightened my legs more perhaps – but I must admit to being more a diver than planker. Otherwise people might say “That Halstead, he’s a real Planker”.

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