Debelius cleaner shrimp Eunice the Wicked Worm Mermaid Kimbe Coral Dances with Cod Leigh at the Cod Hole, GBR Coral Garden Leigh in the Red Dress North Horn Sharks Halstead’s venomous sea star Leigh with Sharks, Osprey Reef Solenostomus cyanopterus Leigh with Giant Clam Rhinopias eschmeyeri Nassau Wall 1969 Baldwin’s Bridge P38 Lightning Wreck Jake aircraft wreck with bombs Sea Snake Venus Comb Murex Spinner Dolphin Pseudanthias fasciatus Turtle feeding Old Anchors in the Coral Sea At the Cod Hole Leigh in the Mulgrave river Leigh with Green turtle Drift diving Manta Rhinopias aphanes Samarai Wharf Nemos Trichonotus halstead Giant Grouper, Yongala wreck Black Marlin Kate wreck President Grant gun Mini sub Blackjack B 17 Hairy Ghost Pipefish Wunderpus Big Mike’s cave Nautilus scrobiculatus Trimmatom Pink Anemonefish Coral Abstract 1 Masked Angelfish Coral Spawning Spinner Dolphin Valerie Taylor meets a whale shark Whale Shark Hammerhead Shark Crocodile Manta rays Lionfish over the reef Coral Reef Scene Beneath the surface Above and Below Tropical Seas Aerial View of a Reef System Cleaner Shrimp
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